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Solid Foundation started as a day care center, with an aim to assist busy young, city mothers who did not have enough time to parent. It was started by the Mothers Union in Kigali Diocese. The center became a better option than leaving children with maids and television. The children were loved and given all the attention they needed and reached a point, where children would cry when parents came to pick them up. As numbers of children grew, there was need to provide for their early childhood education so Nursery began and today we have all the three services: Day Care Center, Nursery and Primary and we have just had our first Primary Leaving Candidates. Children are taught, trained and socialized in an acceptable, loving environment. We are children of the Mothers Union and Part and parcel of the Kigali Diocese.


To be the best foundational learning center in East Africa. Providing age appropriate, life lasting academic, social and spiritual knowledge and skills.


To set firm foundations academically, socially and spiritually, through competence based teaching and learning from one another and the environment.




Discipline is very vital to us; we realize we are dealing with a very delicate foundational age where a person begins to form. We however, realize that God has placed us in the center of his ministry. We often ask ourselves what Jesus would do. He has been so gracious that He has allowed us to act on his behalf. We are also aware that the world does not only need academic Excellencies but needs people with the right attitude too. We very much care about discipline, in class, in the office, in the compound, even on the way in and as they travel back home.

Academic excellence, first and foremost this is our mission and why we exist as a school is to perform as a school. We will emphasize this and will continue to do so that our teachers integrate all the teaching methodologies, to make our pupils excel in the academics. We do identify children with difficulties and advise them accordingly. We also offer counselling to both the children and parents and on how best we can work together in helping the pupils maximize their potentials. It is in that regard that we have put an average pass mark at 60%, below which the pupil will not be allowed to go to the next class.

Time management: time is a resource provided by the creator, we therefore, want to maximize the use of our time. We are aware that the children form who they will be in the future now. The legacy we wish our pupils to take out of Solid Foundation as they join high school. Management of time, is a value, we wish to honor. We realize time is a God given resource which must be used well.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Our pupils on the streets must attract the passer-by because of the way they look. They must at all times be dressed in a school uniform. Full school uniform, tucked in the shirt for girls and boys plus a neck tie. When it is sports day shorts for both gender with a yellow t-shirt, this is not negotiable.  Their bodies must also be clean so that’s why every Friday, we check their nails and hair to ensure cleanliness is kept perfect.

Holistic approach: We know that Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52) Based on this Scripture the children in our hands are here not only to attain academics but to grow socially and spiritually as well. Other than the curriculum we teach in class, we also teach them the word of God and to share and bear one another’s burdens. We have weekly children ‘service and 2 days a week a Bible quiz is done during assembly time. We want them to grow into complete responsible citizens.

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