Nyakayaga Parish


The parish of Nyakayaga started in the year 1993 with the first pastor Rev.RUHANGARA EVariste who was killed in 1994 genocide for the Tsutsi. The parish has 8 local churches and 38 home cells with 1572 Christians.  Nyakayaga Parish operates in two sectors of Kamabuye and Ngeruka.

It borders with Kindama parish in the western side that led to its existence, borders with Kirundo parish found in another country of Burundi Buye Diocese. In the eastern side there is  Nkanga Parish and Mbyo parish in the northern side.

Per now, the parish is lead by Rev. DUSENGIMANA JONAS. It has a compassion internation of RW 633 that works in Runzeze church in Kamabuye sector.