Kindama Parish


Kindama is a parish located in Eastern side in Bugesera district.  It works in the sector of RUHUHA and operates in the zone of Bushenyi and other two zones Ngeruka.

In the Eastern side it borders with Nyakayaga Parish, in the northern side it borders with MBYO Parish and Mareba, in the western side there is KAMWERU Parish and in the southern side there is a district of KIRUNDO in Burundi another neighboring country.  Kindama Parish is supported by compassion international with RW 624 that helps 237 Children.

The parish of Kindama started in the year 1980. The first pastor of this parish was Rev. SEBARUNGU Nathanael.  It started with 18 local churches and in 1993 was able to have another branch parish called Nyakayaga. This parish took 8 local churches.  In the year 2000 Kindama parish extended and was able to have another Parish called Kamweru that also took 6 local churches. In the year 2012, the parish resumed and extended to another new Parish called Mareba that took 5 local churches.

Per now Kindama Parish has 6 local churches, 6 catechists and the pastor called Rev. Canon BUKIZI Jean Pierre.  It has 33 home cells with 1,363 Christians. Her leadership levels are well set in 7 commissions that all work under the church leadership.