Murehe Parish



Murehe Parish started on 1/2/2000. This Parish was open for the first time by Rt. Archbishop Emmanuel Mbona Kolini.   Murehe  Parish went on growing and extending her boundaries to other churches called Murama, Karama, Gatuza and Gisenyi that also started in the year 2012.

Location: Murehe Parish is located in the Eastern side of Kigali Diocese. It operates in the sector of Muyumbu where it extends in 5 zones .   Muyumbu has 35 zones.

It started with 316 Christians but now in the year 2015, it has around 533 Christians (members). The parish has Christians that are hit by poverty and has no projects to help them develop.  Nearly all of them are farmers where sometimes crops do not grow well due to climatic changes. Very few work for salaries, 21 are secondary students and one in a university.


From 2000 – 2002    The parish was led by Kayonde Ezekiel.  It had only 4 churches and the buildings were old as shown in pictures.

From 2003-2005     The Parish was led Mutsinzi Silas who started home cells and also buildings of churches including the buildings of the Parish. He continued to build from where Ezekiel had stopped.

From 2006-2008 The Parish was led by Sibomana Fideli who met struggles, but building continuing where others had stopped.

From 2008-2010  The Parish was led by a  catechist called Ntagwabira Alphonse who continued the constructions and called the Christians to unit themselves in saving groups where he could seek ideas from Bihembe Parish and the archdeacon of Ruhanga Rev. Rutabandama Emmanuel.

In the year 2010, the Parish was led by Rev Niyitegeka JMV who continued with what all had started.  He also started the pastor’s house that would be a role model. He also worked hard to rehabilitate the church buildings and also setting the leadership positions in different commissions that are working properly today. The church building would be finished at a cost of 8 million RWF and the pastors house is soon to be completed with a cost of 5 million RWF. It is during his regime that Gisenyi church was started with a catechist called Habimana Daniel.

Catechists leading today are:

MUREHE: Mukanatarugera Espe who has led 7years.

MURAMA: Ntagwabira Alphonse who  has led 27 years and he is in his retirement ages. ( he did great work).

GATUZA: Musabyimana Felidinard  who has led 17 years. ( He was the one of parish founders)

KARAMA: Nsengimana Faustin who has led 7 years. ( he is nick named as Inkotanyi) due to his strive of the work.

GISENYI: Habimana Daniel has led one year but was one of the parish founders