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Highlights about Kigali Diocese

Kigali Diocese is one of 12Dioceses of the Province of Anglican Church of Rwanda. It has 8 Archdeaconries with 42 parishes, 192 local churches and 944 Home cells (house groups); The total membership is over 45,500. The Diocese operates in 3 urban Districts located in the capital city of Kigali and four other rural districts.

Kigali Diocese has the following 7 departments:

  1. Mission and Training
  2. Development and Social Transformation
  3. Youth and Children
  4. Mothers’ Union
  5. Education
  6. Administration and Finance
  7. ICT

Kigali Diocese owns over 40 schools (primary, secondary and nursery and vocational schools. The management of most these schools is shared with the government while others are privately owned by the Kigali Diocese. We have over 400 teachers and over 26,000 students.

The Fathers’ Union, The Mothers’ Union, The Youth Unions and home cells are important discipleship groups found in each congregation.


The Bishop of Kigali Diocese Rt. Rev. Nathan Amooti
The Bishop of Kigali Diocese Rt. Rev. Nathan Amooti


To be a Church that glorifies God and impacts the community through our fellowship, Evangelism, discipleship, economic empowerment and reconciled relationship.


To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in Word and deed, for the holistic transformation of lives of Church members and communities.


  1. To be a church that promote worship (Mt: 22:37-38)
  2. To be a church that preaches with the aim of increasing the number of its membership Mt28:19-20; Acts2:47, 6:7)
  3. To teach and train the members to Christian maturity
  4. To encourage and build fellowship among the members.
  5. A church that promotes social development.
  6. To improve the performance and welfare of the staff.