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The Bishop of Kigali Diocese

  The history of the Anglican Church of Rwanda traces its origin to the ground-breaking work of British Church Missionary Society’s missionary doctors and African missionary evangelists. Their work in Rwanda expanded from the mission founded in the Eastern part of Rwanda in Gahini in 1925; where the East African Revival commenced in 1935-1936 and spread across Europe and other parts of the world such as India.

   The first Anglican Diocese of Rwanda was formed and established in Kigali under th

The Bishop of Kigali Diocese Rt. Rev. Nathan Amooti

The Bishop of Kigali Diocese Rt. Rev. Nathan Amooti

e leadership of the first Rwandan Bishop Adony Sebununguri in 1966; and the first Rwandan Anglican Cathedral (Saint Etienne Cathedral) subsequently established 50 years ago on the 1st of November 1920. Since the 18th August 2019; Kigali Diocese has a new Bishop the Rt. Rev. Nathan Rusengo Amooti.


Kigali Diocese is one of 11 Dioceses of the Province of Anglican Church of Rwanda with a total membership over 45,500. Its numerical growth goes hand in hand with the growth of the Anglican Church in Rwanda which currently accounts to 10% of the national population. Kigali Diocese’s 47 parishes are grouped into 7 archdeaconries led by an Archdeacon. Its 187 local congregations or grassroots churches are led by catechists (or lay leaders), where a grassroots church has on average 100 to 150 regular members. Local congregations are grouped into parishes led by a pastor (ordained priest).

Kigali Diocese has 45 various schools offering nursery, primary and secondary education as well as one vocational training center (CEFORMI). Kigali Diocese generates some income from a guest house business (Saint Etienne Guest House), different houses for rent and different premium pieces of land that we are looking at as a potential areas of investment.


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