Education in Kigali Diocese

The Anglican Church of Rwanda Kigali Diocese (EAR/DK) contributes significantly to the education of Rwandan children through its 37 schools, including pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and a vocational training centre.  The Education Department sees the opportunity to disciple children through education and its goal is to empower the church for the provision of holistic education services by supporting the church schools to deliver high-quality Christian education.

Who We Are

The Education Department Office was vacant for more than two years before it was revived in January 2017.  Each member of the team focuses on a specific area of work 

  • Alex Mushumba: Head of department and Secondary Schools
  • Marleen ‘t Hart: Primary Schools, Christian Identity and ICT
  • Catrin Tuyizere: Pre-Schools
  • Karen Roberts: Training, communication and administration


The Team 


Tel: (+250)726305292/788605292

Our Mission and Vision


To have people of God who are equipped with knowledge, attitudes, skills and values for Christian living, growth and service.


To develop abilities, opportunities and the potential of learners by instilling Godly values in all academic levels for the transformation of the church and society.

What we do

Our role is to support the schools in many ways, including:

  • Building relationships with headteachers, teachers, archdeacons and pastors of the Diocesan Schools
  • Coordinating with the government and partners for the benefit of the schools
  • Developing and strengthening partnerships with various organisations
  • Visiting the schools to encourage, support, motivate and advise
  • Arranging training for headteachers, teachers and accountants
  • Being available to respond to challenges that they have