Kigali Diocese profile!


Kigali Diocese operates its activities in both the Rwandan capital city of Rwanda (Kigali) and in rural districts of the Northern Province and of the Eastern Province.

The majority (over 60%) of its 187 congregations and parishioners in the Diocese are rural based, while another 40% is urban. Hence the size of congregations, nature and strategies of our ministry vary accordingly. Therefore, four key geographical areas of our Diocese are going to be decisively targeted in this second phase of our Diocesan Strategic plan.

  • The Eastern part of our Diocese (Ruhanga and Kabuga archdeaconries): This is a part of the Diocese which had a successful church planting ministry in the last decades; our focus will be on reopening closed churches. Kigali Diocese had by December 2019, 49 churches closed due to new government building safety code.

  • The Southern part of the Diocese (Bugesera District): This is a region known for its drought and recurring famines yet now fast becoming urbanized due to the expansion of the city and a large scale construction of a big international airport. We wish to reinforce the capacity of our congregations in this area through our rural development programs of food security, literacy hygiene water and sanitation.

  • The urban areas of our Diocese: With the expansion of our capital city, cultural and social changes are so evident. With these in mind, acquiring lands and church planting in new emerging communities as well us urban mission will be on our top priorities. We will also use available opportunities for investment.

  • The Northern part of our Diocese: This is a part of the Diocese we have decided to call a Missionary Archdeaconry since there are fewer churches both Anglican and other protestant churches than anywhere else in our Diocese. A missionary archdeaconry will be deployed into this area soon to oversee the church planting and rural development mission in this area.

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