Bishop Amooti Rusengo ‘s Biography

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Ministry and family Profile

Bishop Nathan Rusengo Amooti was born in 1966, in Western Uganda where his parents lived at that time.

His parents were nomadic cattle keepers who moved from place to place in search of water and better pastures for their cattle.

Bishop Nathan was born in a large family. He likes telling stories about his family and making people laugh.

This is one of the stories he told us:

In my father’s home we often met together – especially in the evenings after milking the cows. We would entertain each other, and I for one would try to entertain my Father Sekanyambo Francis, who always enjoyed my music, a dance and drama, especially one piece called ‘Eda Natabalanga’ which I had learn from our local Ntusti Primary School.

If we had visitors coming to visit our home Dad would call me to put up a show and I enjoyed showing them all the dance moves that I had learnt from my school. These home presentations helped me learn how to perform in public without fear and shame. “If my father liked it then it must be the best” so I thought as a young boy.

As cattle keepers, God was not at the center of our life. We just lived for the day; I do not remember seeing my father going to church. We had a general feeling that church belonged to some other species of humans but not us.”

Then one morning after milking our cow’s on a sunny morning, two men riding on their bicycles came along and parked just below our kraal. They broke into song at no one’s invitation. ( TUKUTENDEREZA YESU OMWANA GWEBDIGA) was the song that these men sung.

Their faces were shinning – they looked like the happiest of any creature that I had ever seen!!! They sang with joy and opened their mouths wide as if they did not care who was watching them. We were all attracted and we came out of our grass- thatched homes to look at these lively but kind of like crazy men.

The first sight struck me hard. These men looked as if they were from another planet; they seemed to be filled with something. I wanted to have what they had. They were beaming with unspeakable joy, singing at the top of their voices as if they would never sing again Even now after many years I can see their shinning faces as if it was yesterday.”

It was after my encounter with these rather intriguing men that I remember asking who they were, where they had come from and how I could see them again. One of my relatives took me to a nearby “Kanyanya Church of Uganda”. It was a really small church but with close and happy people who were part of the remnants of the 1935 revival that had swept our region. This was my first time in church and I absolutely enjoyed the songs, the preaching and the way people were greeting each other. Immediately my heart told me this was the kind of place for me. From that day onwards I never missed church especially when I was older and could walk myself to church.”

Bishop Amooti loved putting on the clerical robes and serving Holy Communion. In fact he recalls, stealing his mother’s cooked sweet potatoes, and wearing his big sister’s (Phoebe) dress then he served it as Holy Communion to other children on Sunday evening after memorizing the morning service in church.

His desire for serving God and the church must have started by then as he recalls.

He was baptized in Ntusi Kanoni Church of Uganda in 1978, where he attended baptism lessons and then baptized by Rev Nkarubo Mukasa and was confirmed in Rwenzori Diocese by Bishop Kamanyire in 1982 by Bishop Kamanyire E of then newly created Rwenzori Diocese.

He is married to Esther Murungi Rusengo and they are blessed with 3 children: Jonathan 22 years and a medical student, Elizabeth 20 years and International Business student and Joshua 13 years and in S2.

He was ordained in 2000 as a Deacon and Priested in 2002 both at St Etienne Cathedral in Kigali Diocese.

Concerning his Educational background, after Primary School in both Ntusi and Kazinga Primary School, He went to Kigezi College Butobere for both ‘O’ AND “A” level education.

Then he went to Glad Tidings Bible College to train in theology for 3 years. He obtained an Advanced Diploma in theology and graduated with 1st class Advanced Diploma in 1993,

In 1995 he obtained a certificate in Advanced Leadership from Haggai Institute in Singapore.

In 2002-2005 he did a Master’s Degree in the school of World Missions at Fuller Theological Seminary (Los Angeles- California, USA) Missions.

In the field of ministry, Bishop Nathan Rusengo Amooti served as one of the leaders in Scripture union while at school and also in different churches in Kabale and other parts of western Uganda.

He served as one of the associate pastors at Gabba Community Church in Kampala city where, with help of other pastors he started Maranatha Academy.

In Rwanda, Bishop Nathan Rusengo Amooti has served in different capacities more specifically in the Kigali Diocese and Cyangugu Diocese.

He was the education secretary from 1999 to 2002 while at the same time he was busy founding the Martyrs Secondary based in Remera Giporoso.

He is also the founder of STAR SCHOOL in masaka and pioneered different local Associations and charities in the dioses he served in.

He was the Pastor of Gikondo Parish from 1999 up to 2008, there after he was sent to plant a new congregation at Gikondo Rebero, now the popular Blessed Mango Tree Church or All Saints Parish at Gikondo Rebero where he served from 2008 till January 2012.

Nathan was ordained BISHOP OF CYANGUGU DIOCESE on the 19th/02/2012 where he has served till 14th July 2019, where he leaves to take the call back to Kigali Diocese.

What we can say is that the Rt. Rev Nathan Amooti Rusengo is a hardworking man, a true pioneer with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is a man always fed by his own hand – he is cooperative and determined, warm and courageous. But above all he is keen on Evangelism and church planting and his track record can only be traced from the Parishes and Dioceses he has served.

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