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  The history of the Anglican Church of Rwanda traces its origin to the ground-breaking work of British Church Missionary Society’s missionary doctors and African missionary evangelists. Their work in Rwanda expanded from the mission founded in the Eastern part of Rwanda in Gahini in 1925; where the East African Revival commenced in 1935-1936 and spread across Europe and other parts of the world such as India.

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Imihigo: Parish annual performance plans

Imihigo is a word which is now commonly known in Rwanda. Traditionally it meant targets, but now it has been adopted as a method to measure weather the activities are on track with the needs and goals set by the leadership. The Diocese of Kigali adopted this method since 8 years ago, as a a matter of fact each parish council sits with parishioners to develop a plan of activities which pastors present to the Bishop and the Diocesan leadership at the beginning of each year. The exercise does not stop there but accountability follows whereby at each end of the year, a team of evaluators visits each parish to see the impact, challenges and to offer advice. Moreover, a consolidated report that gives a picture of how the whole Diocese performed is produced and discussed at all levels of the Diocese.  Please see the video below in Kinyarwanda which shows case of how this exercise went at the beginning of 2020.